iTunes store no longer works on iTunes 8

Well, more than a year after the release of iTunes 9, it looks like Apple has blocked iTunes 8 from accessing the store. This fits with Apple's overall strategy of rapid abandonment of the old in favor of the new.

I have been sticking with version 8 for a few reasons:
  1. I have wanted to make sure I could strip DRM from anything I bought. Apple introduces new protections into every version, and I wanted to stick with a thoroughly-cracked version.
  2. None of the new features appeal to me. New features often make the software slower, though I have no evidence to claim that this is the case here.

Also very annoying is the fact that upon opening a new version of iTunes, one's old library metadata is automatically converted and rendered unreadable by the old version. Perhaps I'll have to find another computer to buy music with.