A recruiter from Netflix sent me an email with the subject line "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads". For those who don't recognize it, it's a famous quote from Back to the Future. I wasn't interested in the job, but I was interested in her choice of quote. You see, a couple years ago, Back to the Future was released on blu-ray, which got me excited to watch it again. Unfortunately, even though I pay Netflix extra money every month to be able to rent blu-ray discs from them, they didn't have Back to the Future on blu-ray.

I actually took the time to call and complain about this. The Netflix customer support person I spoke to was very surprised to hear Netflix didn't have it available, and he logged my complaint. Still, a year later, and Netflix still doesn't have the discs I want. This week I broke down and finally bought the discs myself. This post is my last gasp of bitterness against Netflix and/or Universal before I just watch the movies and move on. But dangit, if you're going to use a line from a movie to recruit new employees, you should at least have the movie available on blu-ray (or at least streaming).