The Cookie Krank House

This must be from around 2004. Rafael Miguel and Matthew Smolich had a homework assignment for religion class at Christian Brothers High School. The assignment was to imagine a new Catholic religious order and create a brochure for it. Real examples of such orders include the De La Salle Brothers (who started our high school), Franciscans and Dominicans.

Each order focuses on a particular "charism", which essentially is a gift of a skill granted by God to individuals that they can go out and help others. Rafa and Matt envisioned an order called The Cookie Krank House which helped others through making and selling cookies. At some point they got help from Matthew Braly to do the drawings fro the brochure.

The teacher grading the assignment did not appreciate it. She claimed that "Krank House" was synonymous with "crack house", which is clearly not an appropriate thing to call a monastery. She gave Rafa and Matt an F on the assignment. I personally couldn't disagree more with the grade. Cookie Monster appearing in monk's robes with full crazy eyes alone deserves an A. But you can judge for yourselves.
Outside of the brochure. Front page is on the left, if it were folded.
Inside of the brochure.