4K, HDR, and MVC 3D in plex for Kodi on Windows

This took me forever to set up properly, so I figured I'd share it.
For now just the basic outline. If have questions on a detail ask and I can answer.
First my set-up:

The basic ingredients are these. Note I always used 64 bit versions of everything.

Basic steps:

  1. Install everything listed above.
  2. Replace Kodi DSPlayer's internal filters with the external ones: copy all the files files from C:\Program Files (x86)\LAV Filters\x64 to C:\Program Files\Kodi\system\players\dsplayer\LAVFilters, replacing files at the destination.
  3. In the nVidia control panel, disable stereoscopic 3D. With the current drivers, enabling it causes crashes in madVR when Direct3D 11 is enabled and it goes full screen.
  4. I have HDR and Advanced Color disabled in the Windows 10 display settings. MadVR enables it during playback as needed, and it makes the desktop look bad when it's on.
  5. In Plex for Kodi Settings, enable HEVC streaming.
  6. On the LG OLED TV settings, disable Screen Shift. This setting shifts the image around by 1 pixel every few minutes, which will result in the line-interlaced image output by madVR not being aligned with the FPR (3D filter), which results in the left and right eyes being swapped. Note this will increase the risk of image retention.
  7. MadVR settings (just the required stuff, other settings you should probably mess with, lots of other guides on that):

Hope this is helpful to someone else.